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Dr. Aluri consulting include industry, academia and client projects from a non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), research, innovation, training, and books. Dr. Aluri partnered with organizations and businesses to create innovative products, services, and offer real-life solutions to existing and new problems in the service industry and beyond.

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Dr. Aluri partnered with the Adventures on the Gorge to introduce an interactive kiosk, a proof-of-concept currently being developed at the HIT Lab. This kiosk will be on display at their resort; where it offers state-of-the-art information sharing and engages guests at the resort. Unlike traditional kiosks, this interactive kiosk, gives interactive information and can transfer any of that information seamlessly to the guests’ smartphones (patent in progress).


American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) and National Restaurant Association (NRA) partnered with Dr. Aluri as a guest author of the "Innovation Features" in their Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTMP) program. Dr. Aluri was also invited as a subject-matter expert when revamping the new HTMP program. Dr. Aluri is currently working on a book project with one of the top industry leaders in the hospitality technology.

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TV Screens


Dr. Aluri partnered with 5th GenWireless L.L.C. to conduct research for AT&T as they expand their Direct TV packages in the hotel industry, by examining the guest room entertainment (GRE) services among independent hotels in the U.S. and identifying the features and services hoteliers find most important for their hotels. Dr. Aluri conducted an research study among independent hotels in the U.S. to offer new insights on TV packages among hoteliers.


Dr. Aluri offers customized and personalized workshops, training, and presentations to industry and academic clients. He is an expert in offering real-life solutions to client problems in planning, implementing and analyzing customer experiences and frameworks to client needs. Few of the clients include Visit Mountaineer Country CVB, WV Tourism, WV Forward, Marriott Morgantown, Fresh Hospitality, Courtyard Marriott etc.

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Watching TVs


Dr. Aluri partnered with 5th GenWireless LLC to investigate why very few hotel brands, especially luxury and upscale hotel chain brands, in 17 Designated Market Areas (DMAs), use FS1 or FX network as part of their channel line-up. Furthermore, this study examined general managers’ perceptions of the importance of the sports and general entertainment programming they are offering their customers.

For more in-depth information and consulting projects, feel free to reach out to Dr. Aluri in the contact page. Follow his blog and social media.

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